photo of CJ Flood wearing sunglasses with a blue sky background

... hey there!👋 My name is CJ Flood

I'm a Ecommerce Customer Engagement Strategist. That means that I do 'internet magic' as my granny puts it 👵🏻.

Who Is CJ?

I have a CRAZY OBSESSION for all things marketing (ask my wife 😅 ) but not the normal type of marketing... I fell in love with the 'how to get and keep a customer engaged' side of it.

Now I share my insights and experiences from working with 7 & 8 figure ecommerce brands, strategies or thoughts with my list. Think of it like a Marketing Diary for the clinically obsessive marketer...

  • Highlights...

    We recently did a Cold List Engagement and account warm up project of over 800,000 people! Successfully engaging 77% of people after 12 months.

  • Highlights...

    We were able to generate over $150,000 & 6000+ subscribers in the first 30-days with a bare-bones program built out.

What Clients Do You Work With?

I have worked with clients of all sizes from startup through to Mid 8 figure brands. Covering a wide variety of industries and niches which gives me an insight that most don't get.

These days I work with almost exclusively with 7 & 8 figure ecommerce brands strategising and managing their email & SMS. 🚀

  • Building a customer centric brand voice we are able to generate open rates of 27% all the way to 50% on campaigns regularly!

  • Testing the SMS channel we were able to drive over $150,000 in revenue and collect 6000+ subscribers in just 30 days!

  • Being CBD ads are hard so email is a very large sales channel and consistently responsible for 50-60% of revenue generated.