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... hey there!👋 My name is CJ Flood

I'm a Ecommerce Customer Engagement Strategist. That means that I do 'internet magic' as my granny puts it 👵🏻.

Who Is CJ?

I have a CRAZY OBSESSION for all things marketing (ask my wife 😅 ) but not the normal type of marketing... I fell in love with the 'how to get and keep a customer engaged' side of it.

Now I share my insights and experiences from working with 7 & 8 figure ecommerce brands, strategies or thoughts with my list. Think of it like a Marketing Diary for the clinically obsessive marketer...

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Why Should I Listen To You?

I'm OBSESSED with all things marketing strategy & automation.

...Why though? 😅

It seems crazy to most but it is euphoric and like an outer body experience to come up with the strategy that you know will make an impact.

It's like getting high... but nerdy! 🤓

There isn't anything more thrilling then building out a marketing strategy that creates a deep and meaningful relationship with a customer AND having it drive a crazy amount of PROFIT for a clients business!

I believe that I was put on this earth to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses...

  • Highlights...

    We recently did a Cold List Engagement and account warm up project of over 800,000 people! Successfully engaging 77% of people after 12 months.

  • Highlights...

    We were able to generate over $150,000 & 6000+ subscribers in the first 30-days with a bare-bones program built out.

What Clients Do You Work With?

I have worked with clients of all sizes from startup through to Mid 8 figure brands. Covering a wide variety of industries and niches which gives me an insight that most don't get.

These days I work with almost exclusively with 7 & 8 figure ecommerce brands strategising and managing their email & SMS. 🚀

  • Building a customer centric brand voice we are able to generate open rates of 27% all the way to 50% on campaigns regularly!

  • Testing the SMS channel we were able to drive over $150,000 in revenue and collect 6000+ subscribers in just 30 days!

  • Being CBD ads are hard so email is a very large sales channel and consistently responsible for 50-60% of revenue generated.

Why Should I Join Your List?🤷‍♂️

Iron sharpens iron... ⚔️

For real, I use my email list like my marketing diary that is stashed in my super secret spot that not even mum knows. 🤫

It's a no holds bar place where I share all the goods that are working for me and my clients! ... unlike the cookie monster I love sharing! 🍪

Add in the fact that you can get your questions answered, build connections, and isn't just full of promo it seems like a no brainer to me.

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