Project 60

There is lot's of different ways that you can support CJ's Mission. Depending on where you are in the world and what it is that want to do.

Support Movember

A contribution straight to Movember goes to programs, research and strategies to help and men all over the world have better health. From mental health through to cancer research.

If you wish to support CJ's Movember cause you can do so here >> Contribute Directly To Movember

Donate In Other Ways

If you want to contribute in other way like time, running buddy, or physical goods are all really helpful. Reach out to CJ and the team here >>

Run With CJ

Distance doesn't matter, time doesn't matter. Quick little movement on your lunch break or a weekly long run, afternoon walk or 5km park run.

If want to join in the fun and actually run with me, you're more than welcome in fact I would LOVE if you did! Being out amongst other people helps me more than you can know. 

Virtually Run With CJ

If you're not in the same town you can still run with CJ virtually. Do whatever it is that you're up for and tag me on Instagram or TikTok be sure to use the hashtag #60kmfor30days #Project60

Share The Story

Part 1 of this project is to raise $100,000... The second part and what I think is the most important part is actually spark 100,000 conversations about mens mental health. 

I can't do that just on my own, so you sharing this story, starting conversations and engaging on social media is a MASSIVE help!

Instagram: @C.J.Flood

TikTok: @CJ.Flood