Shedding 40kg in 10 Months: Small Hinges Swinging Big Doors!

My journey wasn’t fuelled by fad diets or magic pills, but three ridiculously simple, yet powerful steps. Believe me, you won't even have to say goodbye to your favourite ice cream!

The secret of success lies not in obsessing over the massive door ahead, but in focusing on the small hinges that support it. Just like Archimedes said, "Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world."

Imagine the agony of telling your 9-year-old son that you're too heavy to jump on the trampoline with him. Now, multiply that sinking feeling across all aspects of your life. That was me, standing at the edge of a deep pit of despair.

Back in 2021, two conversations hit me hard. My dad, a tireless worker, shared his struggle with the physical demands of his job. My mum, who was preparing for major brain surgery, discussed worst-case scenarios with me. I realised I needed to make a change. I didn't want my sons to imagine life without me while I still had control.

May 14th, 2015, my last workout before my second knee surgery. Over six and a half years, I tried countless diets and invested around $20,000. Nothing worked. Then, post the birth of my second son, I had almost resigned to my fate.

With the ever loving guidance of my wife Ashlee I was able to humble myself enough to put a post up on Facebook asking other dads for help and what had worked for them.

A bunch of guys commented sharing different things, then a friend of mine tagged someone they were working with. The guy they tagged name was Travis and he ended up putting a little video in the comments for me explaining the process.

It went for 2 minutes and 6 seconds… In that 2 minutes Travis explained the 3 hinges which we would focus on to get success.

The 3 hinges? Steps, Nutrition, and training.

I started tracking my nutrition and steps, aiming for consistency. Even if I missed my goals, I ensured it wasn’t two days in a row. The mantra was simple - "Miss 1 but never 2." Surprisingly, the weight started coming off.

In the first four weeks, I was down 9kg, all without ditching ice cream! The weight loss slowed down after, but it was steady. I started feeling in control and began 2022 nearly 20kg lighter than a hundred days before.

I slowly upped my step count and ventured back into the gym, aspiring to run again. I dared to register for the Sunshine Coast Running Festival in August 2022.

By June 2022, I had shed 40kg, a third of my body weight since I started. All by simply doing three little things daily.

The "3 hinge" strategy not only helped me shed weight but also complete a 10km race in just over 50 minutes, a half-marathon, a 60km run for Movember, and a 50km Spartan Ultra Marathon.

Today, as I gear up to run 60km a day for 30 days for Movember, I'm reminded of the power of small changes.

Remember, the key to any dream or goal is behind a door. All you need to do is focus on the small hinges and swing it open. Stay persistent with the little things, and no goal will remain out of reach.

Small Hinges, Big Changes: A 5-Step Strategy to Unlocking Your Success!

Success doesn't always come from big leaps. It often evolves from simple, consistent actions. In fact, focusing on small, actionable "hinges" can swing the big "doors" of your life. Here's how you can make this happen in five simple steps:

Step 1: Identify Your Doors

Before you can determine the hinges, you need to understand the doors you're trying to open. Are you aiming to lose weight, change your career, or improve your relationships? Be as specific as possible about the outcomes you want to achieve.

Step 2: Uncover the Hinges

Now, it's time to figure out the small, manageable tasks that will lead to your big goal. For example, if your door is weight loss, your hinges might be regular exercise, a balanced diet, and sufficient sleep. If it's a career change, it could be networking, up skilling, or gaining relevant experience.

Step 3: Make an Action Plan

For each hinge, establish a simple, achievable action plan. The goal here is to get a compounding effect on your efforts. Remember, the aim is not to overhaul your life in a day but to make consistent, incremental changes. For instance, if regular exercise is your hinge, don't aim to hit the gym for two hours every day. Instead, start with a 15-minute walk, and gradually increase your effort.

Step 4: Set up a Tracking System

What gets measured, gets managed. Tracking your progress keeps you accountable and provides a visual representation of your progress. There are numerous apps and tools available that can help you track your progress, from step counters to sleep trackers, and diet diaries. Choose the tools that work best for you.

Step 5: Review and Revise

Change is a constant process. Review your progress regularly and adjust your action plan if necessary. It's okay if you need to tweak your hinges or change your approach. The important thing is to remain focused on your overall goal.

My very favourite resource for learning this is the book “Atomic Habits” by James Clear. In the book he spells this system out as well as diving into the mechanisms behind our brains that make this work.

Remember, consistency is key. As Travis taught me, "Miss 1 but never 2". You can make mistakes, but the important thing is to get back on track as quickly as possible.

By focusing on these small but powerful hinges, you can swing open any door. Make a commitment to yourself to start working on your hinges today, and soon, you will see your doors opening!

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