He Lost 40kg and Ran a Spartan Ultra Race

Sitting Down With My Friend & Coach Travis Jones Talking About This Journey...

CJ started his journey from emotional rock bottom - no real hope that things would change. He, like many other dads, had given up on weight loss after trying all the different fads, diets, workouts and pills out there, and none of it ever making a real difference.

Then he met TJ, and over the course of 9 months lost over 40kg, and regained his life again - becoming a role model for his kids, inspiring them to exercise with him, and eventually completing a 12 hour, 56km spartan obstacle race.

His story is an inspiration for all dads out there - make sure you listen to the full thing to hear about his biggest goal yet. The Fit Dads Club is an online team of coaches and dads helping you become the best version of yourself.

From fitness and nutrition to mindset and emotional resilience, we help you with everything you need to be the best version of yourself.

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