May 2022 Review

Wow! That went super fast... 

It's time to review May, 2022. It was an intersting month and a lot happened. 

Let's jump right in, shall we.

What went well this past month?

So first off there was a lot of things that happened this month at both a personal level and a macro 'world' level that has left me with lots to think on.

With Australia's federal election this last month I went on a deep dive of a topic I secretly love, politics.

Let's hit the list!

  1. I lost another 4kg (8.8 lbs) taking me closer to the goal.
  2. Let new records in the gym for nearly every lift.
  3. Pushed my knee further and had it hold up under extra pressure.
  4. Increased my gym consistency.
  5. Helped cross a major revenue milestone at work.
  6. Was a key part of restructuring the agency to be able to deliver more work.
  7. Started my first fiction audio book.
  8. We found out we have to move, and found a house.
  9. Averaged 12,000+ steps per day.
  10. Ran on the road for the first time in 7 years.
  11. Actively advised a political party on how to maximise election campaign.
  12. Made head way on debt.
  13. Stuck to savings plan.
  14. Spent quality time with Cooper.
  15. Helped Cooper settle in to his new daycare to even get excited for it.
  16. Had some nice outing's as a family.
  17. Was able to navigate family illness and keep work, gym and health commitments.
  18. Was able to cook pancakes for the family 3+ time!
  19. Felt very connected and in sync with Ashlee.
  20. Working on a project that could see me travel to Perth to speak.
  21. Currently exploring a possibility to run for the next federal election. (as desired for more than 10 years!)
  22. Overall I feel more energetic than I have in years!

Plus more! Man, it was a great month!


What didn't go well this past month?

I didn't take the best care of myself which has left me fighting off a chesty-cough (#notRonadidcheck)

Outside of that it's been pretty chill. I've been moving towards my goals, having wins, feeling connected all through a 'one step at a time approach'. To be honest the keeping stock of my wins is making me realise that it is just a matter  of time before I reach anything! 


What did I learn?

Oh so much! This month I feel like I got a much greater and more appreciative understanding of what it means to 'not judge' someone. 

Along with that, why I might judge someone sometimes (even without realising). I feel much more connected and understand of people in general.

Also, I've made and continue to make great steps to putting the phone down. Living in the moment is becoming easier and easier.


What am I doing to make next month better?

There honestly isn't much that I can is needed right now. Being consistent in my goal areas is my main focus. 

Next month will be a 6 month review of my goals so it will be interesting to see what doesn't line up any more. I suspect A LOT! 

Outside of that I thing that is very true for me this past 9 month and particularly this year. The more I focus on my health the better my life gets!

So I'll continue to put the greatest effort and focus there till I get demising returns.

Till then, 

Thanks for following along.


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