January 2022 Review

With some big targets for what I want to achieve in 2022, I decided that a monthly review would be best to track my progress. This would also force me to reasses what is working, what is not, what is relevant, and what is not.

This will be comprised of 5 questions.

  1. What went well this past month?
  2. What didn’t go well this past month?
  3. What did I learn?
  4. What am I doing to make sure next month is better?
  5. Are all my goals, systems, and habits still relevant for what I want?

What went well this past month?

There were a number of things that went well this past month. I didn’t expect it to be smooth sailing with Seth (my eldest son) here for most of the month, Cooper going back to daycare, and then changing daycare, Ashlee is starting back at her normal job also. 

All in all, it was a turbulent month, to say the least. But let us jump into it.

  1. Ashlee and I cracked into our Adventure Challenge book. This was super fun!
  2. Spent heaps of time with Seth!
  3. Were able to rally when we had last-minute flight changes come up and make the most of an expedited departure for him.
  4. Spent some good time socially with friends.
  5. Looks like I may have another friend locally.
  6. Ashlee started back at work
  7. Seth got to spend some time with my dad while he was here. 
  8. My dad and his partner came to visit us
  9. I started back in the gym
  10. Lost an additional 2 kg 
  11. Ran on a treadmill for the first time in over 5 years
  12. Landed a new client
  13. Had several productive business development meetings
  14. Started depositing cash into a dedicated house deposit account
  15. Work became less hectic and more strategic
  16. Had an average of 10,000 steps per day and hit 8500 every day
  17. Was able to organise a catch up with friends
  18. Listened to 9 Audiobooks and nearly finished my 10th
  19. Achieved some really great results in testing a new channel for a client
  20. Feel like I’m only just getting into a rhythm and routine! 

Aww, I love looking at that! Makes me incredibly grateful for the ‘mundane’ stuff that we often lose sight of in our normal day-to-day.

What didn’t go well this past month?

Ah, now the fun part! While I feel like it was a great month, it was also a month of finding my feet. Let’s go…

  1. I didn’t achieve the weight loss that I wanted by a LONG shot, despite doing the things I needed to. That means I need to reassess what I’m going to do moving forward.
  2. I was only able to get 1 date night, and 1 social event in with Ashlee.
  3. My content-sharing goals took up too much of my time forcing me to drop them.
  4. I decided to move my wake-up time, it wasn’t supporting my energy levels.
  5. I did start a journal for gratitude but it felt somewhat forced. I would like to see how I can alter this moving forward.
  6. I didn’t donate any money like I wanted to. But I need to figure out how to do this right.
  7. I haven’t started working with a coach yet, but need to touch base with one.

Really, that isn’t too bad! I thought I was going to be much worse going into things. 

Most of the targets I missed were due to overshooting my goals, not getting the ball rolling, or making adjustments mid-month. 

There really isn’t a massive ‘failure’ here. I feel pretty good about that!

What did I learn?

This is something that I already knew, but feel pretty good about. 

Sometimes you get the target wrong…

Outside of a few things that need me to revise my habits and systems. Everything else was because I picked the wrong target, and that is ok! 

I tried something and it didn’t work.

Adjust and recorrect!

I feel great about the ‘review system’ that I’m doing here because it brings a certain level of awareness and clarity back to what I want to achieve.

What am I doing to make sure next month is better?

There are a few things I need to work on.

  1. Reach out to my PT and get additional time on the books to reassess my systems and habits to hit my health goals.
  2. Be proactive about connecting with my personal coach rather than waiting for her.
  3. Rewrite my outcomes, process, Identity, systems & habits for all of my goals to make them more relevant based on what I have learned this month.

That is it really, 3 things that I can do today to make sure I am still moving towards my goals for 2022. This was surprisingly easy, and enlightening.

I’ll be able to do all 3 of those before lunch! And still, make it to Cooper's first day of his new daycare. 

I’m ready…

Let's go! 

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