How To Cut Your Unsubscribe Rate By 20-30% In Just 20 Minutes

We all know that when you send an email you are going to get some people that want to unsubscribe and while that is never going to change — doesn't mean we can't give them another option!

You Spend Good Money Growing Your Email List Why Not Protect It?

Instead of offering just the ‘unsubscribe link’, or ‘update preferences’ we offer up a FAST, SIMPLE, 1 click process to have a break.

Hey, my name is CJ Flood and I’m a Customer Engagement Strategist at a bespoke agency called 100 Celsius.

I first had this idea when I was on Facebook and frankly sick of people jamming their preferences down my throat.

*Have them but don’t clog up my newsfeed Karen!😅 * 

So I started using Facebook’s new feature to ‘Snooze’ someone for 30 days! It was great…

Then I wondered if we could apply the same principle to our agency’s clients. 

Naturally, that means, we get people unsubscribing, while we don’t want people on our list that don’t want to get emails, what if they just needed a small break. 

Let’s be real who is clicking update preferences vs clicking ‘Unsubscribe’?

Or worse still if they can’t find the unsubscribe button and click mark as spam this is really going to hurt your deliverability.

Below is just one example of how crazy things can be in an email. Now, let me be clear this is not their fault -- and it’s all relevant from a legal point of view.


Screenshot of Email Footer for eCommerce brand

But what would happen if we could give people another option. Where it’s easy, simple, and fast for the subscriber and ultimately make a big difference in their experience of our emails…

Even world-renowned marketer and email advocate Neil Patel is left with at a ‘this or that‘ option for his subscribers.


Screenshot of Neil Patels Email with a border around the footer

 That is exactly what the Snooze flow is for! 


5 Benefits Of Implementing The 'Snooze Flow' In Your Email Marketing Program 


Benefit #1Enhanced experience of emails for subscribers

Benefit #2 - Another option that requires very little ‘mental energy’

Benefit #3Protection from high unsubscribe rate

Benefit #4Protection of your deliverability

Benefit #5 - Reduce list burnout from your subscribers


4 Steps To Create Your 'Snooze Flow' In Your Email Marketing Program

It is pretty simple all we are going to do is put a link just above the Unsubscribe in a bigger font and different colour to make it stand out.

All that is going to happen is we will add a custom property to the subscriber’s profile and then create a segment of that profile to be excluded from our campaigns.


Step #1 -  Manually Add Property To A Profile In Klaviyo 

property add to profile in Klaviyo
This must be done in order to ‘populate’ If you skip this it will not work. Check out Klaviyo help doc for exactly how to do this

Step #2 - Add Custom Property & Create “Snoozed Subscribers” Segments

segment example in Klaviyo


Step #3 - Exclude the ‘Snooze’ segment from your campaigns

example of a snooze flow

Step #4 - Create footer in your email template

I would recomend that you use a 14px font at least. The idea is to make this stand out more than the unsubscribe button. Also, get creative with the wording!

Snooze footer example


With that, you have your own Snooze flow ready to start reducing your unsubscribe rate and enhancing the subscriber’s experience of your email program.


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