February To April 2022 Review

Well damn that didn't start out too well! 


With some big goals I wanted to run down in 2022 I decided to do a monthly review, I lasted 1 month! 🤦‍♂️

Not for lack of trying or desire, but I didn't really define when or how I would do it in my calendar. So, when the family got sick, we were travelling, I was catching up on work, or anything else came up it got pushed to the side.

But we are back at it now! 

This review is about February to April, so it will be a bit different to the the January Review.

What went well this past month/s?

There was a lot that happened in this time! Looking back it's hard to believe that it was only 3 months! Anyway, let's jump into the list.

  1. Lost 11.3 kg (25 lbs)
  2. Completed first 5km run/walk 
  3. Completed 5km in under 35 mins
  4. Started knee rehabilitation exercises in the gym
  5. Was able to drastically improve knee and ankle mobility
  6. Went to the gym more and more over that period.
  7. Had to donate large amount of clothes as they now longer fit me!
  8. Travelled to Sydney to surprise Seth for his 10th birthday
  9. Showed Seth how to Boogie Board
  10. Ashlee picked up more work and is LOVING IT!
  11. Planned some nice evenings out with friends as a surprise to Ashlee
  12. Deepened new relationships with a local friend
  13. Went of first ever family date with all 4 of us! 
  14. Allowed to start going out again with lifting of COVID restrictions
  15. Hit 10,000 steps every day
  16. Completed 25 Audiobooks for the year so far
  17. Bought some things to streamline the super mundane side of chores
  18. Continued to grow house deposit account
  19. Bought a new computer for me
  20. Started research and exploration of a new marketing channel
  21. Created some great professional relationships
  22. Booked a spot in the Sunshine Coast Marathon 10km run!


Honestly I could go on, there is always so much cool stuff happening in our lives if we just drop the 'it's gotta be a MASSIVE thing to celebrate it' type thinking!


What didn't go well this past month/s?

Honestly lots! 

... But also not much?

When I look at things I don't see something 'that didn't go well' rather an overestimation of importance, significance, or trying to tackle too many things at once.

When I look back at my year goals and see that I am trying to tackle ALL of them at once I realise just how dumb of an idea that really is.

I certainly have some things I would like to achieve but It's all moving in the direction that I would like.


What did I learn?

Oh so much!

The big theme that keeps coming up is simplicity and impact over time. Meaning, I'm always trying to make things happen RIGHT NOW but there is time and we are moving forward.

Focusing on the outcome less and zoning in on the progress has been a big step and one that I continue to learn.


What am I doing to make next month better?

Honestly, it's about slowing down and hitting the things that are important to me consistently. Right now that is still a big focus on my health, plus also some long term things starting to come up.

I won't reveal that just yet as it's an exploration of things first. 

Big things:

  1. Hit health goals
  2. Hit connections goals
  3. Explore long term goals
  4. Stay consistent

For now I'm off to tackle some health goals! 

Thanks for being here 😎


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