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Email VS SMS: The Weird Test Reveals The Winner

Before we start we need to get something straight. This was a test that we recently did for a client to see if SMS was a worth while channel to pursue for them.

We knew that it would be a smart move but didn't realise just how much people wanted to speak to us via SMS.


The Same Offer On A Different Channel! 

7 day result leveraging a SMS channel
A week ago we decide to start testing out some SMS for one of our clients.
We put the same offer that we used on the pop-up on their website — just through SMS rather than email.
*** note: we still collected emails also ***
It was a pretty boring offer, $10 off code. But once we delivered it through SMS it went crazy!
So much so that SMS outperformed email by 5.9 times! 
Rarely do you see a difference of that amount without changing something drastic in the offer or audience. 

My Theory Why SMS Crushed The Email Channel 

Email is great — it’s just boring for a new subscribers in particular. It is the meant and 3 veg of marketing.
Every brand does it, and as a new subscriber we think about joining a list they have a preconceived idea about what it will be like.
Yes, we change that but it doesn’t happen straight away.
SMS however is super fast, action oriented and novel/different/unique — kinda like eating out at a restaurant or getting your favourite takeout!
So when a subscriber rocks up they feel all the good brain juices that we want them to feel ultimately moving them closer to a sale!
SMS is this fast paced, engagement focused two communication channel that is becoming more and more popular that give you the opportunity for LOTS of personality!
If you want to have a killer BFCM / holiday season SMS  email will deliver 💰!
Obviously, every brand is different but as far as this one goes. SMS was a big hit despite the fact that it was an older demographic.
Notes: The SMS provider we use is Postscript.
Their team is super helpful and the platform is really easy to use. You can get a 30 day Free Trial through our affiliate link here
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