Annual Review For 2021

This is something that I have done for a number of years (like most entrepreneurs at some level) but truth is I haven't done the best job. 

I'm hoping that this will help me and you at the same time!

The question that I ask...

  1. What went well in the past year?
  2. What didn't go well in the past?
  3. What did I learn?
  4. What am I doing to make next year better?

This is simply because I want to get better everyday and a review is part of that process.

What went well in the past year?

2021 wasn't the year that I was expecting at all! Big things that went well...

I took some early hits in 2021 (more on that below) but it was because of those I had a perspective shift. After realising that I actually have time on my hands I was able to slow down significantly. 

I got to spend a lot of time with my youngest son Cooper and created a work life that supported that. My wife and I went on more dates than ever.

We spent much less time under COVID restrictions than many others, and lived a largely normal life (considering...).

I actually landed my dream 'job' doing what I'm good at and love. I deepened my relationship with some really good people. 

Probably the biggest thing for me though, is my health!

I have struggled with it for years and was finally able to admit that I needed help, find and start working with someone that understands my need.

This was massive and lead to me shedding over 15kg (33 lbs), increasing my everyday movement and overall happiness. All without having to kill myself inside a gym!

So here is the list! 

  1. Most dates with my wife!
  2. Most time with my youngest son (eldest was not able to visit due to COVID).
  3. Lost 15kg (33 lbs).
  4. Increased income by 3x on 2020.
  5. Built healthy walking habit.
  6. Deepened relationships with good people.
  7. Went away for 3 non-work trips.
  8. Went away for a week as a family.
  9. Landed dream job in agency partnered alongside great team!
  10. Lead the BFCM strategy for our clients resulting in over $1,100,000.00 worth of revenue just from our efforts.
  11. Took my son to nearly every swimming lesson.
  12. Played more video games than 2020.
  13. Managed to make a decision around what lane of work to stay in and didn't deviate.
  14. Increased financial IQ dramatically
  15. Paid off credit card debt
  16. Saved more money than ever.
  17. Invested in my first ecomm brand.
  18. Started stock portfolio.
  19.  Finished more books than ever.
  20. Listened to more podcast than ever.
  21. Came up with revolutionary strategy to cut unsubscribes 
  22. Generated a 140x ROI on SMS for a client.

Plus so much more!

Damn it was a GREAT year... 😅


What didn't go well this past year?

This is a tricky one...

I say that because I honestly don't know if something didn't really go well! Everything that was in my control I felt like I handled well. Was it a perfect year, god no!

Heck at the start of the year I lost a couple of clients and ended up having to deliver phone books by hand at $0.25 a book just to keep the lights on!

Our ecomm business that we were working on went bust (at least for now). While I'm sure we could have figured it out, it started becoming 'forced' which is an indicator for me.

So the things that didn't work, were really more like things I neglected, like...

  1. I didn't get into the gym as much as I would have liked. 
  2. I would have liked to have more time with friends.
  3. I did spend too much time mindlessly watching TV.
  4. I was too addicted to my phone.
  5. I didn't spend much time on my hobbies / things I enjoyed.

That being said, I honestly don't think I gave them a fair shake! These were things that didn't get enough focus.


What did I learn this past year?

So much! The biggest stand out for me really falls into probably 3 areas. They are simple things that I mentally or intellectually knew, but didn't embody.

Number 1. I have time on my side.

Listening to a podcast from Ryan Moran he said this great line. 'You learn in your 20's and earn in your 30's' and then continued to speak about this whole "I must race to success in order to be successful" switch that many entrepreneurs have.

I then realised that the people that had success at a younger age, were often the exception not the rule! From business leaders to world leaders and everything in between.

More people reach success later in life. I understood this but the penny finally dropped and was able to 'actually get it'. This allowed me to enjoy life far more than ever!

Number 2. My zone of genius is in strategy.

After spending the past 6+ years in marketing and dedicating my life to learning the skill I realised where my zone was. I have done everything from Facebook ads, to funnel builds, to social media marketing, to podcast, email, and much more...

Where I have GREAT success and get GREAT results is in strategy. I'm not the best copywriter, designer, or developer... I'm however a skilled strategist!

The more I stay in that placed of strategy, the more I win!

Number 3. Money will flow faster with ease in your life.

It seems obvious but if you unkink the hose water will flow faster than just turning up the pressure.

However that has been my approach in the past, turn up the pressure, do more things, work harder, go further, move faster! It isn't sustainable! 

This year, I slowed down unkinked the hose and focused more on the things that supported me. Health became a big priority, financial IQ became a focus, time with my family, and date night with my wife.

These things aren't 'money making activities' but they made me more than I thought possible!

What am I doing to make next year better?

In 2022 I'm taking all that I have learned about habits and systems in 2021 and applying to build out a structure that will support me in getting the goals I want.

What does that actually mean?

Instead of a health goal that says 'I want to shed 24kg (50 lbs)' I have built a system and habits that I can follow and it will lead me to the same outcome.

Even if it doesn't I have still had success simply by doing my habits and following the system.

So my health habits are;

  1. Track macros and calories in Keystone
  2. Schedule 3 workouts per week
  3. Have an average of 10,000 steps per day and track daily
  4. Complete 100's on non-gym days

Now I'm focused on doing the thing vs the end result. I did this for the major areas of my life Marriage, family, finances, income, influence, health, spirit and personal.

I started with the outcome or goal I wanted, then wrote the process to get that, defined the identify that I wanted to create in that area and finally the habit that would support that identity. 

I look forward to tracking this and seeing how things compare YoY and I'm actually going to be doing a monthly review like this to keep a finger on the pulse.

2021 it was an amazing year, thank you!

2022... Let's get it! 

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